Don’t worry, be happy

Negative emotions - fear, sadness, depression, anger - can potentially generate tremendous amount of acid in your system. Often more than acidic food

Cancer, allergy, asthma, arthritis, neurological disorders - are often product of negative emotions!  

Stress is generating acid in the stomach plus it shuts down digestive system.

Avoid negative people, negative environment, negative movies and TV shows.

Interrupt your destructive mental patterns.

Example of a technique:

Write down on a paper your negative pattern and how are you going to handle them.

Destructive pattern: I easily get angry.

Pattern interrupts: When I start feeling angry, I will take 3 deep breaths and remind myself 3 things I am grateful for in my life.


Relaxation techniques - deep and slow breathing, willingly relax your muscles, especially your belly muscles and facial muscles.

Close your eyes and visualize yourself in a quiet place relaxing - lying in the spa, hot tub or white sandy beach.

Relaxation therapies - meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, massage.

Joy list - write down a list of things that make you happy, energetic full of joy. Remember your old hobbies, sports your favorite places.


Relax, find your inner balance, find your spirituality, love yourself and meditate. Constant happiness is a major factor in your successful healing.

Find the reason to live and fight for life - love somebody, find a friend, support a child, buy a pet.

Write down what would you like to achieve in your life - your dream job, dream skill, dream place.


Watch comedies and positive movies, listen to good music, laugh, dance, do aerobic sports. It all creates joy. 

Ask yourself: "Would this matter a year from now?", "Can I learn something from this situation?"


Yogis say that you have a fixed number of breaths assigned for a lifetime. If you breathe slower and deeper, you will live longer (it's a good hint to remember).

Right breathing: 2 - 3 seconds to breathe in, 3 - 4 seconds to breathe out, your belly has to move up and down.

Breath for relaxation and mental focus: 2 - 3 seconds to breathe in, 1 - 2 seconds hold, 3 - 4 seconds to breathe out, 1 - 2 seconds hold.

Energy booster by breathing: 4 sharp breaths in trough nose (fill your lungs in 4 steps), 4 sharp breaths out trough mouth.

Belly breathing massages the inner organs, it increases the digestion speed and the bowel movements. Breathing is also taking out the toxins from your system.

Run, swim, do aerobic exercises to make your breath deeper.

If you don't breathe deeply and your belly doesn't move - stomach movements that help process food for digestion slows down, food movement trough bowels slows down. The food doesn't absorb properly, it gets too toxic from digestive acids and it's poisoning the whole system. Shallow breathing can also cause: fatigue, chest pain, numb hands, upset stomach.

If you breathe deeply and your belly moves - food absorbs quickly and thoroughly not causing acidity or fat storing, heat generation from food is distributed evenly trough the body. You will feel energetic, fresh and your mental clarity will improve.


Metabolic toxins are collected by personal garbage collector - lymphatic system. The trouble is, it doesn't have a pump. The pump is your muscles, and it work only when you move. Otherwise the toxins are moving out from your body very slowly.



Moving your muscles will energize the whole body, it will boost your confidence, you will lose weight, it will increase the digestion speed and quality and your brain will get more oxygen.

Morning light exercise will boost your energetic and digestive system. Take a brisk walk or do your gym heat-up exercises. Don't run, don't lift weights, take it easy with yoga and stretching. Your muscles and joints are not strong enough in the morning so you can break them easily.

Exercise every day, 3 times a week heavily (weights, aerobic) with sweating (you have to sweat to detoxify your body).

Don't over exercise! If you do heavy weights or heavy aerobic lessons, give your body time to recover.

You should increase the alkaline food and drinks intake after heavy exercise because your muscles are full of metabolic acid. Drink a lot of alkaline water after the exercise - you need to re-hydrate and neutralize lactic acid in your muscles.

If you are sick - exercise lightly (light aerobic or dance). If you exercise heavily your muscles will generate lactic acid and it will have negative impact on your sickness.


Another way to get toxins out of your system is to heat your body up. It works similar to your dishes cleaning. It's difficult to clean dirty pot with cold water but with hot water the fat dissolves easily. When your blood gets warm it can dissolve and wash out toxins much easier.

Run. Do sports where you run or do aerobic exercises. Beside the energy and overall health, it will clean your body of toxins and generate heat (but you have to sweat).

Make a hot bath, add 1/2 cup of baking soda (making the water alkaline) and 1/2 cup of sea salt.


Go to a sauna. It will help you to lose weight, cure acne and cleanse your system.

Do hot yoga - yoga in a heated room.

Watch your heart - if you have never done it, take it easy with exercise time, bath and sauna temperature.