Alkaline lifestyle - for long, healthy and happy life

·           Cure for cancer was found long time ago and it’s called alkaline lifestyle.

·           Alkalizing your body by raw vegetables and alkaline water, cures and prevents not only cancer but also all the rest so called “civilization” disease.

·           People don't get cancer, they do cancer.

·           Obesity is not only from excessive eating but also from eating acidic foods. That’ why it’s so difficult to lose weight until you start eating alkaline food. If you switch completely to the alkaline diet, you can lose 1 pound a day safely.


If you want to fully experience long, healthy and happy life, to feel young, strong and energetic, having bright, joyful and peaceful mind, than this is for you.


And remember, we are not supposed to be sick. Ever! That’s intentionally implanted myth to create dependency on the medical system. Human body has ability to heal itself from any disease you just have to provide supportive healing environment.

Some of the long list of acidic diseases curable and preventable with changing to the alkaline life style: cancer, diabetes, heart attack, arthritis, asthma, allergy, acne, cold, flu, PMS cramps, headache, impotence, infertility, hair loss, low energy.

Positive effects of being alkaline and hydrated: strong and completely healthy body, impenetrable immunity, high energy level, higher brain performance, younger looking skin, improved vision, better memory, positive emotional state, mood stability.


Little kick-off story

Let's say you eat the typical fast food combination - hamburger on a white bun with coke and coffee. This combination is extremely acidic. After the digestion the acid goes to your blood. If your body doesn't have a protection system it would continue like this:

·           The acid would burn holes to your veins and you would start bleeding internally.

·           pH level (acid/alkaline measurement) of your blood would drop down shutting down your nervous system. Your neural system is bioelectric and pH drop means the same as cutting your phone wire while you are talking. Your heart would stop and you would start dying in quite unpleasant spasms. The most deadly neurotoxin based military weapons work on similar principles.

·           Overall your lifespan would be around 2 hours.

But because your body is smart it would protect you:

·           It would create fat cells and hide the acid inside of the cells isolating the acid from important organs.

·           It would produce excessive amount of cholesterol to create a protective coat on your vein walls. It will eventually clog your arteries and you would get a heart attack, but it will definitely let you finish the hamburger.

·           It would pull alkaline reserves in order to neutralize the acid. It would use calcium from your bones (you would get osteoporosis), magnesium from muscles (fatigue, muscle fever) and iron from your blood (anemia).

Couple of classic questions and answers

Question: "My grandpa was eating bacon, eggs, sausages every day, drank beer and lived till 80."

Answer: Trouble with grandpa is that he was working physically all life so he had strong, robust body (unlike us working hard with the keyboard), even in retirement took care of the garden and animals (physical work is exercise - it eliminates toxins), meal was prepared home without chemicals and his genes were healthy because his parents were not ingesting chemicals either.


Question: "Do we need another diet, isn't common sense good enough?"

Answer: I wish that we have the ability to recognize what is good or bad for us. There is a chance that we had this ability millions of years ago.

Today our lifestyle is a product of mind conditioning from parents, friends, society and commercials.

30 years ago people had cancer and heart attack after 60ties, I was the only one in the whole school with hay fever allergy. Today we have 10 year old kids with cancer and heart attacks and every 3rd child is allergic - so we are doing something wrong.

Common sense is nice thing but if you have access to a microscope and blood tests - reality inside of you looks very different from your common sense ideas.


Question: "Our ancestors were eating meat and milk for thousands of years they couldn't be wrong."

Answer: Our ancestors died in their 50ties on typhoid, plague and smallpox way before they got cancer or heart attack. Plus they had fresh air, good water, no chemicals, homemade food and worked physically all day (like all day long aerobic in the gym).

There is a study from Poland during war - they had severe shortage of meat, milk, butter and eggs and occurrence of cancer, heart attacks, strokes and all other disease dramatically decreased.

Quick start guide

If you would like to start today and transition to full alkaline regime over time:

·           Drink a cup of filtered water with a pinch of sodium bicarbonate every hour.

·           Eat a bowl of raw or vegetables with every meal.

·           Find a way how to sweat once a week.

Acid - Alkaline introduction

Your blood is slightly alkaline - pH 7.36. Your body has to protect this level at all costs. If it drops even by pH 0.1 you will die instantly because your electric based nervous system would shut down.

pH scale is 0.0 = maximum acid (car battery), 7.0 = neutral (water), 14.0 = maximum alkaline.

Most of the food we eat is acidic (meat, sugar, white bread). If we don't eat alkaline food (vegetables) our body will stay acidic. Acidic body means getting sick, tired, wrinkly, short, old and dead!

Acid = Fat effect. If you eat mostly acidic food, you are poisoning your system. Your body has the option to either let acid damage your internal organs or eliminate acid - creating a fat cell and hiding the acid inside of the cell. That's why you can't lose weight until you alkalize your system! That’s why skinny people get sick way sooner than fat people - their body doesn’t create fat and acid is damaging healthy cells.




Acid = Cholesterol effect. Another form of protection your body uses is creating cholesterol. This specific kind of cholesterol is sticky glue creating a protective coat on your vein walls against acid. Otherwise acid would burn holes on your vein walls. The trouble occurs when you are over acidic and your body over creates cholesterol. Your protective layer gets thicker and thicker, your veins get more and more narrow and you will get a heart attack. Your cholesterol level gets high from anything acidic (sugar, coffee, coke) not just fat food!

Acid = Osteoporosis effect. In order to maintain your alkaline level to keep you alive, your metabolism uses alkaline buffers. One of them is calcium from your bones. Acid literally bleaches calcium from your bones. Your bones are not only getting more fragile but you are also getting shorter - that's why you shrink as you get older. You don't have osteoporosis because you are old but because you have had acidic lifestyle for a lot of years!

Acid = Bacteria effect. Bacteria, yeast, mold and fungus love acidic environment with low oxygen. If you are acidic they will multiply rapidly throughout your whole system causing you all kinds of disease and infections. They will poison you with their waste products. You don’t have frequent infections because something attacked you from outside! Your body creates infectious disease as a result of bacteria, yeast and fungus overgrowth.

Present medicine approach story.

Let's imagine you put your garbage in front of your house in the summer for couple of days. It will attract a lot of flies. You don't like flies so you get out with the spray and kill all the flies. But they will keep coming back until you get rid of the garbage.

Garbage represents acid in your body and flies are bacteria. Modern medicine is killing the bacteria but doesn't care about your internal environment. You have to clean your body and you will never be sick again!


Acid = Cancer effect. Acid is irritating and disturbing cells putting them out of balance. Cells are programmed to adapt to the changing environment. Unfortunately cells don't have a program how to handle an acid environment so they are improvising. The cell has 3 options how to handle the acid environment:

·           To get weak - you will get weak, tired and sick too.

·           To die - and you too.

·           To fight for survival and to transform (mutate, morph) to a different form resistant to acid - you will get cancer.

Don't disturb your cells! Get alkaline! Cancer cannot live in alkaline environment!

Your body creates cancer and your body also can uncreate cancer!