Cure for cancer was found in 1931

Reversing breast cancer with alkaline lifestyle

Following is a thermographic scan of a breast cancer. Cancer starts as an inflammation, that's why cancer has higher temperature than the rest of the body. Pay attention to the dates on the scans. What you see is a complete cancer reversal in 2 months by alkaline lifestyle.
The base of the alkaline protocol, in a healing and cleansing mode, includes raw vegetable soups, raw vegetable juices, massive hydration by alkaline water and sweating.

Cancer statistics

Unrefined plant food consumption versus cancer and heart disease mortality rate

We are pretending of doing a cancer research but the cure is obvious, known and tragically simple.
All we have to do is to compare the cancer, heart disease and stroke mortality rate among all countries and ask the question: "Why is there a vast difference?" And that's the end of the research.
70% of food consumed in Thailand is plant based and their heart disease and cancer mortality rate is 10%.
10% of food consumed in USA is plant based and their heart disease and cancer mortality rate is 70%.
What do you think would decrease the heart disease and cancer mortality rate in USA and other developed countries?

Alkaline lifestyle for ultimate health and longevity

Have you ever been wondering why everybody is sick and tired, why we are so poorly designed to suffer and to die too soon?  Well, the answer is simple – it’s acid.

Fortunately, there is a cure to almost every known disease and the cure is called alkaline lifestyle.

This knowledge originates in medical and biochemical research showing that human body is designed to be alkaline however almost everything we eat, drink and the way we think is acidic.

Acid in our body breaks down our cells and disturbs the biochemical balance. As a result, we get tired, depressed and sick.

There are 3 main sources of acid and in the same time 3 main reasons of any disease:

  1. Acidic foods - meat, eggs, milk, wheat, corn, rice, sugar, processed food, fried food...

  2. Acidic drinks - pop drinks, milk, alcohol, coffee, black tea...

  3. Acidic thoughts - anger, fear, depression, disappointment...

In short, we are what we eat, what we drink and how we think!!!

Healthy and sick red blood cells

Following are pictures from a live blood analysis performed through a dark field microscope.


Healthy red blood cells - perfectly round, detached
Lifestyle: vegetables, water, happiness

Sick red blood cells - damaged shape, glued together
Lifestyle: meat, milk, sugar, pop, depression

 Just few thoughts with regard to cancer

There is a long list of diseases curable and preventable by simply changing our diet to the alkaline diet: cancer, diabetes, heart attack, depression, allergies, acne, PMS cramps, headache, impotence, infertility - all of them have been cured!

Curing cancer by alkaline lifestyle

Michael Mayne at 270 pounds.
Below are pictures from live and dry blood analysis.


Michael Mayne on the alkaline lifestyle, 12 weeks later at 195 pounds.


The ultimate solution for any disease is the alkaline lifestyle

  1. Alkaline food - raw vegetables, sprouts, beans and lentils, healthy oils, sea salt.

  2. Alkaline drinks - alkaline water, vegetable juices, herbal tea.

  3. Alkaline thoughts - love, happiness, satisfaction, gratitude.

  4. Exercising - aerobic exercises, resistance training (muscle building), flexibility exercises (yoga).

  5. Sweating - running, aerobic exercises, hot yoga, sauna.

  6. Mind training - meditations, affirmations.

Every problem in our life, including disease is a result of our choices and actions from the past. Knowledge is an opportunity to make the right decision.

To your good health!